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Weddings in France

Chaalis - Royal Abbey


Couples looking for a romantic, elegant and exclusive wedding location will find the Chaalis the place of their dreams.

In the heart of the Ermenonville forest, this château was built in the 18th Century and is located near the ruins of an ancient Abbey. The chapel of the Abbey was built by Pierre de Montreuil, the architect who designed the Sainte Chapelle in Paris. It is decorated with magnificent frescoes painted by Niccolo dell'Abbate in the16th. Century and boasts beautiful stained glass windows. The Château also homes a unique collection of master pieces: Giotto, Boucher, Houdon and many others.

The ceremony is officiated by a layman, in case of a non-denominational commitment ceremony or by a Christian minister, following the couple's requirements.

The site offers an exceptional location for any celebration: from an intimate party to a large reception. Located close to luxury Châteaux-hotels, such as Ermenonville and Mont-Royal, the Royal Abbey of Chaalis offers a large choice of possibilities to celebrate a memorable wedding.  Its beautiful park and rose garden also add a romantic landscape to the site, perfect for wedding photographs.

Weddings in France Chaalis Weddings in France Chaalis Weddings in France Chaalis Weddings in France Chaalis